Llamdardal to Coto


This walk begins in “Llamardal”, a few houses and smallholdings at the head of the valley en route to the pass into Leon at Puerto de Somiedo. The path up to Branas Mumian, (pictured), climbs slowly as it hugs the side of the mountain. The path is narrow and exposed affording a fantastic feeling of being in the elements and great views up and down the valley. Bears have been spotted above Lamardal and wolves use the mountain trails to pass between the woods and the high meadows. We will lunch among the Branas before heading up and spending a little time on the peak called Molino. From here we can see spectacular views in all directions. It is common to see large numbers of vultures and some eagles from this perch. The path now takes us winding down through an ancient beech forest and into the village of Coto where we complete the walk.

Today we continue our “not doing” and it takes different people, different lengths of time to quiet the busy mind.

El Trasgu, ( a disruptive house goblin), is a trickster figure. He represents the tricksy nature of the mind in its ability to devise different ways of hijacking our attention.  Our “not doing” will cause us to begin to focus away from internal dialogue and tune in to the natural world around us.

In the evening we can have dinner together, either in one of the very reasonably priced local restaurants or, we can self cater back at La Pinietsa. We are always flexible about dinner in the evenings so we can go with what the group feels like doing.

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