Adventure Asturias – Sept 10th-16th 2018

Asturias Adventure

Adventure Asturias is a collaboration between Walkinginspirit and Peak Performance. It’s a 7-day, 6-night adventure in the natural paradise of Asturias. The week will combine exhilarating activities such as horse trekking, cycling, mountain walking, kayaking and paddle boarding with mindfulness, relaxation and lots of FUN!!

Offer includes all transfers and transport in Asturias, accommodation, activities and guidance.

Day 1 – After collecting you at Asturias OVD airport we will drive 80 kilometres inland to our first destination, the wonderful La Pińietsa, a beautiful converted farm in Valle de Lago, deep in Somiedo Natural Park, western Europe’s most pristine natural ecosystem. Here we will take dinner and settle in for the night.

Day 2 – After a good breakfast we will walk down to the village

where the horse trekking will begin. We will then ride up to the lake at the head of the valley and make the return journey through the forest. We will have a pack lunch at the lake. Barbecue dinner at La Pińietsa.


Day 3 – Saying good bye to Somiedo, we  drive into  Parque Natural de las Ubińas and pick up the bikes for the 14k cycle down the Senda de Oso, (route of the bear). The cycle path is downhill or level all the way to the end and follows a now tarmacked, old mining railway line the cuts through the spectacular gorge. Leaving our bikes at the bottom we will continue on to our next stopover at Frankie’s farm on the edge of Parque Natural de Redes where we will be camping for two nights.

Day 4 – If the weather permits, today we will summit the spectacular Peńa Mea, otherwise we will walk the Ruta de Alba in the park. Frankie will be inducting us into a state of mindfulness for the walk. These two days at Pomar will allow you space for contemplation and there will be barbecues, campfires and fun, no doubt as well.

Day 5 – Moving on from Pomar we will head through Laviana and on to Arriondas where we will pick up the Kayaks for the trip all the way down the river Sells to the beautiful seaside resort of Ribadesella where we stay the night at Puente el Pilar, a lovely hostel on the edge of the lagoon.

Day 6 – Today we will be heading west along the coast to Villaviciosa for a two hour paddle-boarding session in the lovely estuary/lagoon. There will also be time to relax and chill out at playa Rodiles, (one of Asturias’s best sandy beaches), We will have dinner and stay the night in the medieval centre of Aviles, close to the airport ready for the morning flight home.

Day 7 – Departure