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“There is a love of wild nature in everybody, an ancient mother-love showing itself whether recognised or no, and however covered by cares and duties” ― John Muir

Frankie works as a therapist, consultant and trainer in the UK and is the owner/guide of the Walkinginspirit mindful walking retreat. He is also a journalist and has a smallholding in Asturias called “Pomar” . He is currently the coordinator of service user involvement in drug & alcohol services in the London Borough of Islington and is working with NHS England to improve patient participation within healthcare in London prisons. Frankie has a great love of the natural world and enjoys guiding mindful walking groups in the wilderness, traveling and pursuing his interests in natural spirituality, philosophy, shamanism and mythology. He is available for one to one therapeutic work, Skype sessions. wild-therapy, (group and individual), retreats and team building and mindfulness training for business.

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Frankie has been visiting and bringing people to Somiedo for many years.

“The idea for the retreat emerged spontaneously out my experiences of walking alone here. in 2002 I was researching an article about the European Brown Bear and I’d heard that Somiedo was at the heart of the bear’s territory so I came to take a look. The astonishing beauty of Somiedo immediately captivated me but it was more of a “feel” sense that made me fall in love with the area. The mountains and forests hum with a wild and generous spirit that you don’t find in more tamed and cultivated landscapes but it is not at all a harsh environment. Something deep and coherent awoke in me whilst walking in Somiedo, something that I am passionate about giving others the opportunity to experience”


Frankie is available for one to one sessions to process what you experience during the Walkinginspirit retreat and will happily work with you in return for a donation, (amount at your descretion).



6 responses to “About Frankie

  1. Dear Frankie,
    Nice that we found You, we like Your smile and the important Spirit Work You offer…We are a Young Family with the dream to found a little valley community in Asturias. End of August this Year we will make our first trip to that mystic land and we would be very happy to connect with You. Maybe we can learn from You more about which steps we have to take in finding our dream place.

    Maybe also we can take You as first station on our trip …Let us know what You think and feel about all this,

    With best wishes and warm regards,
    Jasmin & Max with Manu and Yuma, from Switzerland, Emmental

    • Hi all
      Thanks you for your message. I am away planting an orchard up the mountain at the moment but will respond to you properly when I’m done.
      Great to make your acquaintance.

  2. Hi Frankie….your silent retreat looks so beautiful…….can you tell me a little more about it……is it silence all the time? What is the accommodation, if traveling alone, would I have to share a room?
    Best wishes

  3. Hi Frankie, Sounds great. We’ve just spent 2 weeks camping and walking in the Picos and down at Pechon and intend to return next year. Somiedo sounds magnificent. We’ll be there. Paul.

  4. Dear Frankie,

    I was reading your first post on your site because I was interested how it began and read that you might be willing to help if you are looking for a smallholding. As we are travelling and looking for a smallholding in Northern Spain for quite some time I thought I might as well just ask.
    We love the bear country like Muniellos and Somiedo but weren’t able to find something yet.
    We are looking for a house to renovate with as much land as possible. But first we’re concentrating on finding a house with a good location. Privacy, water, enough sun…
    Our plan is similar to many other young northern Europeans. Plant trees and keep bees (to keep it simple).

    Hope to hear from you.

    Kind regards,
    Matthias and Vanessa

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