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Mindful walking in nature with Caroline de Max

I first went on a Walkinginspirit retreat in September 2018 , what I experienced on that holiday is sometimes so difficult to put into words , but I will try . Connecting to nature and to let go of our expectations of who we are in the world is a start. On these retreats we get a little talk from Frankie which gives us an insight of the practice of discovering our true nature. We walk in silence for the whole day, sauntering through the most beautiful and wondrous sights of Someido natural park , that really does take your breath away. Durring this time of slowing down and coming into breath and into the body you open up the senses and become at one with what is around you. We find the monkey mind slows down too and we can just be at peace and in the moment step by step . 

When I got back from the week the practice didn’t leave me, I wanted to keep this precious gift of natural mindfulness, but we do get pulled back into every day life. But I did carry on going for walks and taking my adult daughter out on walks and sharing the benefits with her as she had noticed a change in me when I got home from my trip . So when the dates came up I booked again to go in June 2019, and it was just amazing too with the wild flowers this time, and it deepened my experience even more.

When I got back from this retreat I found an online course by Ian Banyard, it was a course for training in Natural mindfulness and nature connection in which we are shown how to guide people through the practice. I just wanted to be able to share the benefits that I have gained by walking in nature, but in a way that I had been shown on Frankie’s amazing walks with Walkinginspirit. 

I now guide walks in Suffolk woodland and sharing the benefits of forest therapy and how scientifically it’s been proven to help with stress and mental health. It’s not a one off it’s a practice that can develop and deepen and helps us let go of our own expectations of ourselves and of others, letting go of that sense of self . On my walks I have been joined by others that have been on a Walkinginspirit retreat who live in the area and it’s been a delight to meet them and have that connection .

If you want to know more about the course I did with Ian Banyard or live in the Ipswich/Suffolk area feel free to email me . I do my walks under the Ipswich Buddhist centre umbrella but will be expanding it into the wider community in the future. Carolinedemax@live.co.uk

I have booked again for 2020 so you could say I am a little bit addicted,  but a healthy one 

Mindful Walking Group in Suffolk

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  1. I run a group of friends who would love this. Could I have details of your upcoming walks and how to book one please

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