Bears and bonfires – Summer 2017


It has been an amazing summer for the Walkinginspirit, mindful walking retreat with three groups attending in June and one in late July. A highlight of the June retreats was taking part in the village festivities for San Juan, (mid summer). In the afternoon we were joined in the garden by a local professor who told us all about the history of the people of the valley. Fascinating! The group took then part in the “dressing of the fonts”, an ancient ceremony in which all the water fonts in the valley are bedecked with wild flowers and a light hearted competition held to see which one is the most beautiful. One of our group was chosen to be among the judges, a group of elderly locals who were driven from font to font to inspect the work. Priceless.

In the evening we were invited to a bonfire party to drink cider, sing songs, recite poetry and dance around the fire. A wonderful day.

In July the 20th Walkinginspirit group became the first group to see a bear, in fact a mother bear with two cubs. We were driving back from our last walk of the week and stopped off for a cold drink at the Hotel de Somiedo up in the valley. We had not been there five minutes when the landlady spotted the bears on the mountain opposite. The scope came out of the van and everyone had a chance to view the beautiful and rare creatures. All in all, it has been a sublime summer, mindfully walking the forests and mountains of Somiedo Natural Park, Asturias, Spain.

I love Asturias. Now booking for 2018. See bookings page for more information.

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