Pomar 9 – Xmas 2016

Well, obviously I’m quite a long way behind with updates from Pomar but I am going to attempt to remedy that by getting myself up to date over the next few weeks.

I had ten days alone at Pomar over the xmas period which was bliss and on the 25th I finally achieved my ambition of summiting Peña Mea, the spectacular mountain that heads the valley I overlook and marks the border of Parque Natural de Redes to the south east.

Peña Mea is prominent in many of my photos of Pomar and is my constant companion when there.

Xmas day started out chilly with high cloud and my climb up the north side of Peña Mea was frosty with patches of snow. By the time I reached the top it was warm and sunny and that’s where I had my lunch enjoying the 360 degree views of the coast to the north and the snow-capped Picos de Europa to the east, Leon to the south and Oviedo to the west.

The walk down the south face was amazing and the temperature reached 25c with grasshoppers pinging away from my footsteps, lizards and butterflies. Weather in Asturias is a strange and wonderful thing. One of the highlights of the route down was a spectacular cave with two vaulted arch entrances. You just know that the ancestors lived here. Glorious day!

The sheep managed to kill four trees so I replaced those and added four cherries and two plums. I also made some headway on the ornamental area around the font

Coming back to the UK in January was difficult.

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