Pomar 8 – Summer 2016

Nothing prepared me for the stunning beauty of Pomar when I arrived for a couple of days before beginning the first Walkinginspirit retreat in June this year. I think it has been a long time since the field has been without livestock and seeing the long grass growing and the glorious wild flowers was a joy.walkinginspirit-pomar-asturias What a paradise this is. Obviously I was keen to see how the orchard we planted in February was doing and thankfully, all the trees were alive and many of them actually bearing fruit.

This was a big surprise as I hadn’t expected any apples until next year. It turns out that seven sheep are not enough to deal with this amount of grass so next year I intend to make hay in early July and then put the sheep in for the summer and Autumn. The rate of growth in Asturias at this time of year is really something and keeping the wilderness at bay is a real issue.

As usual I spent the first couple of days pretty much paralysed by the beauty of it all. The green colour of the burgeoning forest is indescribable. The weather was fabulous and over the next four days I accomplished the few tasks that I had set for myself. These included bringing the six, big chestnut fence poles left over from the deer fencing from the bottom of the field to the cabin, reinforcing the fence around the house, fixing the solar power and mucking out the sheep.

I returned to Pomar in early July and, due to a flight cancellation, ended up staying an extra five days which gave me an opportunity to explore the adjacent valley which is part of the Parque Natural de Redes and attend the Tolivia Beer festival which I photographed and wrote an article about for whereisasturias.com A few beers were enjoyed as well as a few local delicacies. The pulpo served in the Community bar is excellent but by late afternoon I was ready to head back up the hill.

I <3 Asturias

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  2. A mountain paradise indeed, can’t wait to roll in the grass next summer xxx

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