Border fences destroy recent gains for European wildlife


Feeling very saddened and angry this evening about news that the border fences going back up between the Balkan states  and on the margins of western Europe are beginning to kill animals and destroy their access between countries. Probably the most positive development for European wildlife in the last 20 years is being destroyed before our eyes. This is nothing short of an ecological disaster. I must admit that on hearing that these fences were going up to stem immigration from the Middle East & North Africa in the latter part of 2015, this was one of my first thoughts and we are now starting to see the results. It’s horrible that individual animals are being killed  but the bigger problem is that territories are now being decimated and and crucial wildlife corridors are being shut down. The new green corridor stretching from the Baltic to the Balkans, following the old cold war fence is now under threat.

This effects all but the smallest of animals and worst hit are the deer, wolves bears and lynx that were beginning to flourish in the new borderless Europe and repopulating areas in western Europe  where they hadn’t been seen for decades. I cried when the Berlin wall came down and thought for a while that the cold war was over. It soon became clear that western leaders believed themselves to have “WON” and that they were now entitled to grab everything that the power of the Soviet Union had been preventing them from getting their hands on. Predictably, we are now seeing a new cold war and a tide of both human and animal misery as a result. How awful! They could have capitalised on the hope of 1989 and created a better world for everybody. Instead they chose to push a perceived advantage and have squandered the hard won peace that so many laid down their lives for in the 20th century.

Please accept my apologies. I don’t normally get political on this page but this sad state of affairs is now effecting the precious European wildlife that myself and many other people love. I am so thankful that the animals of the area that is most dear to my heart, Asturias in northern Spain are unaffected but this is very troubling news.



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