The “Alcayata” project

IMG_4540The Alcayata is an art project and a community of people who assemble every Thursday evening to hang a piece of art on a hook. (alcayata), located in the street wall of  the Museum of Fine Arts in Oviedo. The pieces are especially constructed for the occasion and described as “Ephemeral Art Interventions” The idea is that the art is an offering and after the gathering it is abandoned to its fate. If it survives the night the museum may have it although I don’t think it ever does.

The ethos of the initiative is described as “constructive and conciliatory” and it aims to be “irreverent without being vulgar or profane”

Here are a few snaps from the night I attended the the project with Oviedo based journalist Sam Chappell. It was a fun night that, (being Asturias), included a few ciders.

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