Pomar 6 – Autumn 2015

Pomar, a cabin in AsturiasAfter two fantastic Autumn Walkinginspirit retreats in Somiedo, I managed to spend a few wonderful days up at Pomar working, walking, foraging and generally hanging out and enjoying life. Some of the time was spent digging holes in preparation for planting the cider apple orchard in February and some removing the tree that had blown down two weeks earlier and, unfortunately, crushed the geodesic dome. Many thanks to Dace Lace and Jesus Benito from London and Sam Chappell from Oviedo for your help with the spadework and for the fun times. Thanks also to my neighbour Florentino for turning out with his chainsaw to deal with the fallen tree.

Sixty three holes, 10m apart now exist across most of the hectare field ready for the saplings.

It was also a great time of year for foraging and there were masses of sweet chestnuts and parasol mushrooms, (macrolepiota procera), growing in the field. What a treat it is to pick, cook, enjoy and share wild food. There were also quite a few blackberries and slows still to be had as well as hazel and walnuts if you know where to look. All mixed in with the normal diet of Serrano ham, chorizo, cheese, cider and Rioja.

On one of the days volunteers Dace, Jesus and myself attempted to climb Pena Mea, (the mountain that features in many pictures of Pomar), and although we didn’t get to the top this time because of bad weather, it was a fantastic walk and the view into the wilds of Parque Natural de Redes on the other side is spectacular. It was also great to see Pomar from another perspective and was the perfect time to see the mountain beech trees in their autumnal colours. 

Now I think about it, a lot of life happened in the short time I was able to spend at Pomar this Autumn and there are a couple more things I would like to mention. First of all, the destruction of the geodesic dome. On my first visit this Autumn the dome had blown apart in the wind and on the second, a beech tree had fallen directly on it and basically destroyed it. Sometimes you don’t know whether the message is to stop what you are doing or whether it’s about perseverance. I usually go with perseverance. On the plus side, we now have enough wood sawn and stacked to last several years. 

Had a wonderful walk the other side of Oviedo with Pablo and Bea who run the Hotel Casa de la Veiga and who, being award winning cider apple growers, have been advising me about planting the orchard. It’s possible that we might run a Walkinginspirit, mindful walking retreat based in Samo de Grado in the future. 

What an epic time we had at Pomar this Autumn. If you have any comments, feedback or questions about this blog entry please do not hesitate to comment or contact me Frankie Sikes at frankie@walkinginspirit.co.uk or call 07969895834.

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