Pomar 5 – Summer 2015

A smallholding in AsturiasIt’s taken me a good while to get around to posting this update about the evolving situation at Pomar but here goes.

Summer in Asturias is indescribably beautiful and it was wonderful to see Pomar and the surrounding forests and mountains in lush green and finally spend some more comfortable time there with our little family and friends. Our first summer on the mountain. The peace and tranquility of the location is what it’s all about as well as the wild, wild nature of course. We saw eagles and vultures nearly everyday and on one occasion 21, (Griffon vultures), wheeling high above the house. The picture shows two newly cut paths and a newly fenced off regeneration area around where the springs rise to create an area of wetland wildflowers and a decorative flagstoned place around the trough. The paths lead off to a newly levelled area where we have erected geodesic dome for guests to stay in when they come. Pomar is beautiful but small so we need a bit of extra accommodation for friends helping out on the farm. As you can see, the dome is located in an amazing spot under the mountain Pena Mea which goes orange, then pink, then purple as the sun goes down and many an evening was spent with a glass of cider watching the show. The dome is orientated to face the village down in the valley. Many thanks to Kenny for his monumental earthmoving skills.Our two weeks saw much work completed and best of all… we now have a hot shower. Hot water off-grid is such a joy! Many thanks to Pedro and Jose. We also managed a couple of days at the beach, a wonderful day at the Tolivia, (our local village), beer festival, did some walking in the mountains and visited with friends. We also had a consultation with award winning cider apple grower, Pablo and visited him and partner Bea’s orchard and hotel in the Grado valley where I got some of the lowdown on planting apples. More thanks to Dolores. The first step is digging the holes. We are going to go for a traditional diamond planting pattern with trees 10m apart. In October I will be returning to dig the holes for planting in the new year as per Pablo’s instructions and I can’t air to get back out there. More pictures to follow.

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  1. Oooh! Can’t wait come visit, are there two trees just the right space apart for my hammock??

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