Male Feminism

Feminine sea

The following are my thoughts on the matter…

For me, some of the confusion around the subject is to do with the idea that the sexes are “real” rather than symbolic opposites. We now know that all larval stage foetuses are in fact XX and that maleness, (XY), is a kind of mutation of the essential femaleness, (or biological ground from which ALL complexity develops), the purpose of which is to ensure diversity in biological life.

But, this is not generally known and, from the erroneous notion of opposition, all kinds of other false dichotomies proliferate like the the “battle of the sexes”, for example, as if men and women were essentially different and somehow in competition. Not so! This, in itself, is a distortion of the malaise of patriarchy I would suggest. It is my impression that a natural matriarchy would not mirror the unnatural patriarchy in how it would operate at all and that matriarchy actually means equality.

There is already a broad spectrum of masculine and feminine traits in both men and women and, (I stress, imo), feminism in men is not about men becoming more effeminate it’s about them acknowledging the primacy of the essential feminine in us ALL and recognising that it is around the needs of the essential, (feminine), that society should organise itself.

For me, patriarchal society is a collective projection, symptomatic of the human race’s alienation from nature that began with the development of agriculture and developed from there like a virus into what we have today.

Feminism means different things to different people but to me it means an attitude that reflects the aforementioned values.

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