Pomar (4)

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Well, I’ve finally spent a few days at Pomar and what an amazing place it is. I had ten days there to take it all in and start to get to know the place. I’ve made the the first of, hopefully, many video diaries about Pomar and, over time, I look forward to being able to document and share developments as they happen. Something to look forward to looking back over. The track up and down from the property is challenging but the little Fiat Panda 4×4 did very well. 20 minutes to get up and 15 down. The feel of the place is so worth the effort of getting there. I saw lots of eagles and vultures as well as some Roe deer or “corzo” as they are known in Spanish. There is also a large owl living in a holly bush close to the house which was another nice surprise. So I just got stuck in doing a basic survey of the site, I built some steps, designed the hot water system and started digging out the area that’s going to house the compost heap that will heat the water for the shower. I also did some digging around the spring and marked off an area for fencing off to allow the vegetation to grow in that area. Lot’s of pleasant evenings were spent by the fire. Frankie


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