Nature resolves ambivalence

Walking in Somiedo, AsturiasIn nature there are no lines and no walls. Nature speaks no narratives of polarity, conflict or division. In being, nature combines all that we perceive separately in synchrony and moves unrelentingly and inevitably towards cohesion. The human race cannot control nature, it can only, temporarily, divide and separate her synchronous movements into polarised and exploitable flows. The price we pay for this subversion is high. The culture that has established around the subversion of nature gives birth to generations whose minds are entrained the same way, creating a society of psychically divided individuals caught up in polarities and conflicts, black and white thinking and pseudo moralities.

But nature knows no evil and yet has no morality. All the polarities are resolved within its movement and it’s right there in front of us, right there inside of us. All we have to do is detach from the man-made spectacle and realign with nature’s flow. It’s not about becoming anything, it’s about unbecoming everything we are not. No cognitive effort is required, only an intention to let go of control and surrender in innocence. In this “not doing” all the connections to the whole are spontaneously reestablished… or so it seems to me.

This is why, as a therapist and someone who has worked in many different ways in the field of personal development, I have come to the conclusion that the most powerful and gentle way of healing people is to provide them with an opportunity of intense exposure to the cohesion of wild nature. And you don’t get much more wild, generous and coherent a place than Somiedo Natural Park, Asturias, Spain, Western Europe’s most pristine natural ecosystem and home of the Walkinginspirit, mindful walking and nature immersion retreat. Now booking for June 28th-July 4th 2015 and 2016. See “reservations” page for more details.

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  1. I like that – “unbecoming everything we are not”!

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