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Pomar in the snow So the plan was to take the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander in Cantabria, then drive to Asturias and begin work on my recently acquired smallholding “Pomar” on the 14th of February, (tomorrow). The wildest winter-weather Asturias has seen in decades soon put pay to that idea, however, and I will now be going in March instead which is kind of frustrating as I am aching to get out there.

Some photos kindly sent to me by Jose clearly show the problem but WOW.. how breathtakingly beautiful!

I would really love to be there just to see it and I’ve been fantasising all week about holing up there for a few days, lighting the fire and just taking it all in. The silence and the view of the mountain must be amazing! The wolves might even be howling. Sadly, I can’t afford to make the trip without it being one in which practical work can be done at the moment so I’m going to have to forego that experience this year. I’m sure the future will provide another opportunity and I look forward to it very much. 

In another change of plan I have decided to pay someone to put the deer fence up for me. On reflection, with over a hectare to encircle, that is a big job and having someone else do it means I can get on with other things when I arrive next month. And, if all goes well, I should be able to establish the mixed wildlife hedge around the perimeter and maybe plant the orchard this year also. I am very fortunate with the friends I have met in Asturias and their willingness to help is very humbling. Life has been all about synchronicity since deciding to follow my bliss so I’m not going to stop going with the flow now. I have a contact who is one of Asturias’s most esteemed cider apple growers so with his advice things are looking good for the future of “Pomar Sidre”.

We will see. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the pictures of Pomar in a snowy coat as much as I have.

More news will follow as things develop.

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  1. Hi Frankie, just want to congratulate tou on your website! A great way to promote Asturias ( patria querida!) best regards from Villaviciosa!
    Carol & Luis Gonzalez

  2. Thanks Carol & Luis. Asturias is such a wonderful place! I feel very fortunate to have found a little slice of paradise. Warm regards F

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