Pomar (2)


I catch myself thinking about and mentally planning things for Pomar at all kinds of inoportune moments… like in the middle of work-related conversations and meetings. I’m probably nodding on the outside but my mind is really turning over different options for fencing and hedging, four wheel drive vehicles and what to take for my first week staying in Pomar.

One thing is for sure, without a deer fence whatever I plant will be munched by deer and ploughed up by wild boar. Fencing the whole plot is going to be a big job but luckily I have the help of a landscape gardener and we will be traveling in his van Portsmouth to Santander next month. I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to stay for a few days and begin work on the project.  I suspect a lot of time will be spent standing on the roof terrace and just staring. It’s my intention to plant a mixed hedge that will replace the need for the deer fence in a few years time but it remains to be seen whether it is feasible to get that planted this year. I’d like to!

Here are a couple of pictures of the interior of the cabin. It’s small but it’s been done to a very high standard I think you will agree.

More soon.

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