“Pomar” (1)

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 09.37.40 I am very excited and extremely grateful for being able to introduce to you our wonderful smallholding in Asturias, “Pomar”. This has been a dream of 20 years or more in the making for me and 2015 will, not only be the first year of our ownership of the property but, also the first year of our project to bring her back to productivity and beauty, (well, even more beauty). We intend to document progress so it makes sense to record it here on the Walkinginspirit site where you will be able to keep up with developments as they happen. I look forward to sharing the journey with you and welcome your comments, suggestions and questions. As you can see, Pomar is situated in a truly breathtaking location at the head of a valley, 800 metres above sea level in the Cantabrian mountain range of  Asturias, northern Spain. The property is in a very private location at the end of several kilometres of track road. It consists of a hectare, (2.5 acres), of sloping pasture and an old stone-built cabin and barn with terrace of 80m2. The property is off grid and has several springs and a stream that services the cabin before running off through the centre of the land.  Pomar must have been an apple orchard at one time, (hence the name), and restoring the orchard will be one of our first priorities. We will be using permaculture principles and a proper site survey will follow. Other initial plans include a mixed hedge to surround and various water features but the very first priority will be a fence to keep the deer and wild boar out and allow plants and trees to get started. Happy days! Btw, if you are interested in acquiring a smallholding in Asturias of your own, please let me know. I may be able to help you. Frankie Sikes

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