Soft Fascination

P1100079“Soft Fascination” a pleasing level of sensory input that fully absorbs the attention but involves no cognitive effort.

Engagement with technology, work, media entertainments and the distractions of the modern “spectacle society” requires multi-tasking and a constant shifting of focus and attention to meet radically different perceptual requirements. This conditions the mind into compulsive, jerky shifts with short but intensely focussed attention spans that create stress and an inability to be tranquil.

Attention Restoration Theory, (ART), shows that engaging the attention in “soft fascination” of the rhythms of the natural world restores the ability of the the pre-frontal cortex to relax and be tranquil as it pays attention in a steady, consistent way without leaping from one mental distraction to the next. FS (Walkinginspirit)

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