The voice of the natural world

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In this Ted talk, bio-acoustician Dr Bernie Kraus describes the different sound sources that make up the soundscape in any given location.

The first source, “geophony” is all the non-biological sounds like the wind in the trees, waves on the beach, water in a stream, rain on leaves, falling rocks, thunder or even the turning of the earth. The second source, “biophony” is all the sounds generated by living organisms like the calls and bodily noises of birds, insects, mammals etc. The third source, “anthrophony” is all the sounds created by people, some of which can be coherent like music and talking… even cowbells and much of which is incoherent noise that bears little relationship to the geophony and biophony of a place.

From an ecological point of view, spectrum analysis of the biophony reveals the health or ill health of an environment by calculating the amount of niches filled or empty within the sound spectrum of a place.

In the low-fidelity, spectacle that is modern human culture, the visual sense has come to dominate and, perhaps, because of the incoherence and noise of the anthrophony in man-made spaces we have tended to shut our sensitivity to sound down. But, in the hi-fidelity, natural world, the 360° immersive, auditory sense can become a gateway to experiencing the transpersonal coherence and synchrony the exists just beyond the abstracted world of our perceptions.

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