Wild Europe

Wild Europe

A beautiful picture of Valle de Lago, Somiedo Natural Park, Asturias, Spain. This stunning valley is our base for the Walking in Spirit retreat.

Somiedo Natural Park is little known in the UK even though it is only one hour and twenty minutes away by plane, is western Europe’s most intact ecosystem and contains the biggest population of grizzly bears to be found outside of the former eastern block countries.

We now know just how important these top predators are to the health of the environment and the effect that there presence has is described in “Trophic Cascades”, the way that cornerstone species like bears and wolves ultimately shape the forests that they live in.

From a spiritual perspective, these creatures bring an energetic, felt experience to the landscape that you simply do not notice in places where they are absent.

Come and bathe in the feeling of wonderful, wild nature. Come to the Walking in Spirit retreat and have your senses put in order. See reservations for details of the next available retreats.

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