An Asturian folk tale


In a small village located in the Sierra Ablaneda Carrales there is a dam that neighbors called Well Fullaricos. According to old folks, in the dark waters of the lake you can distinguish a giant beam. This beam could be some old mining facility, but for the villagers this is the beam of a submerged palace.

According to legend, where Well Fullaricos is today, a huge palace once stood. In it lived a noble and wealthy widower with a beautiful daughter who was sought by the most handsome boys in the area.

The girl named Ablaneda was beautiful and virtuous. However in her heart she began to grow jealous because in Belmonte , in a palace like her own, there lived one, much more beautiful than her.

Attentive to the opportunity of her pride, the devil presented to himself to her one afternoon and said:
“I know that you suffer because they say the lady who lives in the Palacio Belmonte is prettier than you. I come to make a deal, if you give me your soul, not only you will be the most beautiful in the area, you will be the most beautiful in the world”

The girl accepted without much thought.

Days later, her father called and said:
“My child , there are many men who ask me for your hand, each more handsome , noble and rich than ther last.
“I know dad”
“So which do you choose?”
“Whatever you say , Father.”
“Well , my child. I thought your hand should go to the gentleman who, (by digging a ditch), first brings water to the palace of La Espina Pozo Verde.”
“Very well, father”

Several days later three gentlemen presented themselves at the palace, two were handsome and gentle and the third, an ugly and scruffy dwarf.

The two leading men worked tirelessly to bring the water while the dwarf spent his days under an apple tree doing nothing.

After a few days the ditches of the two gentlemen were already very close to the house, with only one more day of work for the water to reach the palace. The next day, to the surprise of all, the dwarf made during a single night all he had not done in a week and was the first to get the water of the harbor came to the house.

The dwarf suitor appeared before the master of the house and said:
“Sir, I have won and now claim the hand of your daughter.”
The father of the girl, genuine and true to his word had no choice but to give in to the dwarf, (who the reader may have guessed was none other than the devil himself), come to collect the soul of the child.

Then the girl, terrified and terribly sorry for the deal she made exclaimed:
“Allow God to take the palace before I sink and marry this devil!”

With that, the palace sank and the Well of Fullaricos was formed.
Since then, (according to the locals), beams and other submerged timbers of the palace continue to appear.

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