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Interesting article in the Huffington Post about FLOW .

For me, flow is a state achieved by “not doing” so cognitively understanding its mechanisms may be interesting but it won’t help much when it comes to actually entering the state. I’d say that flow is not merely hidden… its mysterious! A step by step approach to achieving flow may take you to the event horizon that separates the normal state from flow state but, crossing that horizon involves the “not doing” of surrender, imo.

“Neurotic persons experienced less flow”

Hmmmm! I’m not sure how useful the language being used here is. Anxiety does, perhaps causes us to hang on more tightly to conscious control and to identification with the personality.  My own experience leads me to the conclusion that flow state involves surrendering control and personality to a stream of consciousness which has, apparantly transpersonal origins. An unconscious competency may become brilliantly expressed via the stream but, flow is not always related to a skill set. It can simply be a way of being.

How do you do it?

This is a tricky thing to answer. To begin with, the question itself presupposes that flow state is a doing… and its not! All I can say is that I get it most easily when silent walking in Somiedo. After a couple of days immersing my senses in the beautiful natural world, my conscious mind relinquishes its control and I dis-identify from the part of me that was impeding me from experiencing the flow. From then on, I get the sense of being guided from within and of flowing in an effortless stream of consciousness where everything I experience is synchronous! Its that moment when the path I am treading in the physical world and the path my spirit is taking become one and the same thing.

Flow is what we are all about at Walking in Spirit!

The next opportunity to flow with us will be June 8th-14th 2014.

Looking forward to flowing with you.


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