London Drift – Silent Canal Walk – Primrose Hill to Bethnal Green


Hi all. Sorry about the delay in scheduling the next Drift – Life stuff, you know how it is!

Please take the time to read the whole of the following as it contains essential information for those wishing to take part.

For the third London Drift we will be meeting on the top of Primrose Hill, (see “how to find us”), and then slowly walking along the canal, through Camden, Kings Cross, Islington and all the way to Inspirit Studios in Bethnal Green where there will be a talking stick circle to break the silence followed by optional food and information about the silent walking retreat in Somiedo for those that are interested. 

It’s about 5 miles and at the slow pace, with breaks, expect it to take about 4-5 hours.

Please arrive at the start point between 12.45 and 13.00pm. It should be obvious who is and isn’t a part of the Drift and we ask that you do not talk to anyone but rather find a space to settle quietly for a while before we begin. 

Ground your awareness in the living sensation! – At 13.00pm we will begin a 15 minute meditation seated, then at 13.15pm – staying in the meditation – we will slowly head off. In Somiedo we encourage people to meditate simply by taking their attention away from thoughts and personality and placing it, instead, in the body and senses. The auditory sense is particularly useful in that it is virtually impossible to listen to the chatter inside your head at the same time as listening intently to external sounds. 

Ideally you will find a state that is very settled and grounded on the inside and very aware on the outside. Please treat the whole walk as a meditation. As in any meditation, when the mind becomes busy just notice it, then place your attention back into your senses. Walking and meditating in a busy city, (or even on a mountain path), requires a very aware state, (for obvious safety reasons), which is why we suggest focussing on your sensory perceptions. 

I just want to say something about how this experience can be. What you personally go through during the walk – the emotions, the challenges, frustrations and pleasures – will mirror a process that is uniquely yours. If you are open to it, the walk will reveal to you a complete and microcosmic version of how you tend to go about things. Try to just notice what you go though and remain equanimous. Also, however you are feeling at any one moment, know that if you stick with it, your feelings will change as you go along. I would recommend that, however you are feeling, you walk through it. The value, (in personal development terms), comes from seeing it through to the end and then reflecting on it.

For those not familiar with talking stick. The talking stick is placed in the middle and anyone who wants to speak picks up the stick and speaks. Only the person with the stick in their hand is allowed to speak so only one person speaks at a time. When everyone has said what they want to say we will have formally ended the event. 

Please make a donation towards the price of the food if you want to eat when we get to Bethnal Green.

Bring – snacks and water, light pack and comfortable shoes.

Leave behind – preconceptions and daily concerns.

Phones off… no pictures please. 

One person will take a few photos and share with everyone else

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